Posted by: David D. Daggett | December 12, 2011



         The holidays and the end of the year are upon us. As we close out one year and look forward to the next it is a good time to recommit to the fundamental pieces of our lives that are important to us and make us who we are.


        I tend to have one eye looking backwards and reflecting on the past while at the same time the other eye is looking forward to the new year and the future. Do you find yourself in that same situation?

        We should take time to allow ourselves to recount and enjoy our successes over the past year. What goals did we accomplish, what gave us fulfillment, and what did we do for others? At the same time we can look forward using the same questions as goals as we recommit for 2012.

        Perhaps one of the successes we can look back on is the joy of sharing and propagating a positive healthy lifestyle for our families, our community, and ourselves. Despite all of the negative health stories in the news, it appears our community continue to be and improve as positive community for active people to live.

       As we reflect and recommit we can see that in all areas that are important to us take ongoing work. We know that continued ongoing success requires consistency over an extended period of time. If we recommit to the positive items and efforts that are fundamental to us we find that our ongoing journey is progressively positive for ourselves, and for others.

        In looking back and looking forward I typically review my Four Anchors of family, professional, spiritual, and physical aspects of my life. These are the fundamental areas that are an important to me and the filters through which I evaluate the past and recommit for the future.

        Please join me in reflecting back on the lessons and successes of 2011 as we recommit and prepare ourselves for future successes in 2012.



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