Posted by: David D. Daggett | November 14, 2011

How’s Your Defense?

How’s Your Defense?

        It was so exciting! Our 10-year-old daughter scored the last goal of the fall field hockey season. With little fanfare or celebration, it was then her turn to play defense for the rest of the game.

How's Your Defense?

       Kids love to play offense. They are excited when they score. Parents and fans jump up and down, and holler with excitement. We all love the thrill and excitement of scoring. The kids also know that they are a team and that it takes all of them. So, they rotate positions and take turns playing defense.

       Celebrate your defensive team. When our daughter scored the field hockey goal, we celebrated the offense. Offense often gets all the credit and glory, but we have to have a defense to be successful, too. Those in the background, working without making a goal, make our team complete and allow us all to move forward.

        Of course, there’s an old saying that offense gets the glory but defense wins games. The important lesson is that in sports, just like in life, we all have different roles that we play at different times. We all have different personalities, different gifts, and different talents. All roles are important which makes all of us better than each of us.

       The great coach John Wooden, who I met and talked to 30 years ago, had a rule for life that when you score give someone else the credit.  Coach knew that winning is a collective effort that takes the efforts of all. Appreciate the efforts of all.

      Enjoy the goal, but remember to honor and thank those in supporting roles – we couldn’t win without them.

Working on defense,



  1. dave,

    terence ryan from ’87. i often read your posts and theyre great and often put things in perspective. i am using this post to send to my daughters classic 5th grade soccer team which lost to finsh in 2nd place. and our goalie and defenders (my daughter) were very upset. did your daughter win the game ?

    terence ryan wfu ’87

    • Terence –
      Thank you so much for your kind note – my, it has been a few years hasn’t it!
      My daughetrs team tied 1 -1 in this, the last game of the season. She too is a 5th grader.
      Thanks again, and best wishes!

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