Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 24, 2011

Hawaiian Heart

Hawaiian Heart

       Fond memories of Hawaii still make us smile. Of course, the experience at the Hawaii Ironman World Triathlon Championship was a highlight of the trip. Further, Hawaii has beautiful weather, mountains, beaches, and sparkling water. However, perhaps the most lasting memory of the trip for our family is the “Hawaiian Heart.”

Hawaiian Heart

        The Hawaiian people openly welcomed us and shared their culture. They naturally and intuitively helped us with their language. They introduced us to their food, dance, and traditions. In additions, there were thousands of volunteers that worked the aid stations during the race.

        It seemed that everywhere we went, and everything we did, we were greeted with a genuine and friendly welcome that was special for our family. During one particularly pleasant encounter with a native Hawaiian we were complementing them on their hospitality and treatment of our family. She responded that that is just part of the “Hawaiian Heart” – we felt it!

      We all know how important it is to have heart. The ironic thing is that the “heart” can’t be seen. It is the outward expressions and actions that reflect the heart that we are then able to see.  You know it when you feel it.  One becomes a measure for the other which for the receiver becomes one in the same.

Hospitality You Feel = Heart

      With all of our fond memories and reflections of the Hawaii trip and experience, perhaps the most lasting are all of the individuals who combined to share their collective Hawaiian Heart with our family. Perhaps it’s a lesson that we can continue to share with others.

Aloha and Mahalo (from the Heart),


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