Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 17, 2011

Turn It Around

Turn It Around

        Don’t you admire people who have an uncanny ability to turn any situation around for the better? When you meet them, these people naturally turn the focus from themselves to you. They also tend to turn their weaknesses into strengths. They leave every interaction better than they found it, and have a knack of always turning negatives into positives.

"Turn It Around!"

       The most lasting and impressive memory after meeting Rajesh Durbal is not his physical disabilities, but rather his ability to turn any encounter or any situation into a positive experience. His humble passion ignites a positive passion in others. He makes us see past our own limitations and look toward positive opportunities.

        Rajesh is an amazing person. He is the first triple amputee to compete in and finish an Ironman triathlon. He recently finished the Hawaii Ironman World Triathlon Championship for the second time. Our family had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Rajesh several times. We are all part of his fan club and enjoyed cheering for him on race day.

        There is no need to feel sorry for or pity Rajesh. On the contrary, moments after meeting him you immediately are inspired by his passion, faith, and positive attitude. Do we sometimes have problems that we think are so big that they can foil us? After talking with and then observing Rajesh, we quickly see that there are opportunities in every weakness to turn them into a strength.

          Of course, limitations need a circle of support in order to progress and succeed. Interestingly, that circle is, well, circular. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that the circle develops when you decide and act as part of the circle, and not the center of the circle. In doing so, the circle then expands beyond what we previously thought possible.

         Our ongoing memories and friendship with Rajesh have little to do with his physical disabilities, and everything to do with his amazingly positive attitude, loving heart, and humble friendship.

Turn it around,


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