Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 11, 2011

Ko Aloha La Ea

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Ko Aloha La Ea

       Ko Aloha La Ea is Hawaiian for “Keep Your Love” and was the theme for this year’s Hawaii Ironman. The saying comes from the Battle of Kuamo’o in 1819 where the Hawaiian people fought to protect their religious and cultural rights known as the Kapu System.

Ironman Finish - “Keep Your Love”

        I have memories forever seared in my mind of the final stretch of the Ironman down the famed Ali’i Drive through the massive crowds and to the finish line. We came back later to see the final finishers with the crowds even larger and more supportive. The spectators, particularly the Hawaiian people, exhibited Ko Aloha La Ea

       The lesson to me, and that I will try to work on is remember to “Keep Your Love” in all aspects of our daily walk through life. Encouragement and support while pursuing excellence athletically, professionally, spiritually, and with our families are more powerful if we “Keep Your Love.”

      Love exhibits itself in passion. Passion brings heart and emotion to all of our pursuits and makes them more meaningful. The Ironman course had over 5000 volunteers. The volunteers passionately helped all competitors and we could feel their love. They are examples for all of us.

       The support of family and friends reveals a deep love. Cindy and the kids were out there all day supporting all the athletes and showing their love. They helped me, cheered for me, and took care of me. They did it all with a giving heart full of love.

        The athletes in an Ironman have a special bond and a comradery that transcends competition. There is an understanding that each of us is pursuing our own goals in search of personal excellence. While we love competing, we understand that competition is the individual pursuit of excellence and not the domination of others. We are wished the best for each other.

      Embrace life and embrace love. We will all be better if strive to live Ko Aloha La Ea and “Keep Your Love.” That will be part of my personal goals for the coming year.

Keeping the love,


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