Posted by: David D. Daggett | September 19, 2011

Pass It Along

Pass It Along

       Perhaps the greatest value in sports, and participation sports in particular, are the lessons we learn and pass along to others. At this past weekend’s Angels Race we had many examples of lessons that were passed along.

"Pass It Along!"

       The history of the Angels Race is that it was started by two families who had suffered tragic and traumatic losses and were suffering from tremendous sorrow. As part of their healing process they turned to sports and created the Angels Races in Virginia and North Carolina. Their mission is to create opportunities for individuals to honor angels who have touched their lives, and encourage people to be angels in the lives of others. The race motto is “Be an Angel, Have an Angel, Give it a Tri!”

       They have turned their pain into joy and angels were certainly apparent early Sunday morning. Volunteers arrived as early as 4:00 in the morning to have the course prepared, safety measures in place, and the venue organized and welcoming for the athletes. Their quiet efforts and services were appreciated by all in attendance.

        There was an army of family and friends spectating the event offering encouragement and support to every competitor. Each and every participant was given a winners welcome as they crossed the finish line. The lesson of encouragement and support is a much-needed trait that we can pass along.

        It was a special day for our family since it was the first time my two daughters participated in a triathlon race with me. At 10 and 12 years old they turned in exceptional performances. Of course, our 8-year-old son and my lovely bride were part of the finish line volunteer crew who welcomed each and every competitor.

        We had fitness trainers, race directors from other local races, and local business owners on hand to encourage a healthy, fitness lifestyle for our community. These ambassadors of health and fitness bubble with enthusiasm and make our future generations better in the process.

       It was also encouraging to see many families come together for a positive, healthy event. The determination and perseverance shown by some of the younger competitors was a galvanizing force that brought us all together in the true angels’ spirit.

       It was most gratifying to see such a great cross section of our community come together in a positive way, gaining valuable lessons and insights that they are sure to pass along.

Passing it along,



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