Posted by: David D. Daggett | August 29, 2011

Not By Chance

Not By Chance

       “Are you kidding me!” I exclaimed. “You put in all that hard work and you leave the result to chance?” This was a conversation I had with a local athlete getting ready to do a long-distance race who had not yet come up with a race strategy for one of the most important items, nutrition.

Choose to Succeed!

      Quite frankly, it is heart breaking to see people work hard and yet fail to make a plan to execute. Moreover, there is no excuse to not do something that is completely under our control and that has enormous effects on our results and successes.

        Ironman, like other aspects of life, takes effort, planning, and execution. There is mental training, physical training, and nutritional training. When these three areas are properly rehearsed, planned, and then executed the results are quite predictable. However, if not properly addressed the result is just by chance.

       When speaking with students I frequently emphasize that their destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a choice. The choices we make including the choices to train, plan, and execute on our goals result in tangible successes that are predictable based on our actions.

      Destiny is almost always a choice. In our relationships, our professions, our fitness, and our very salvation we have choices. We can choose to be successful in each of these areas by executing a plan to get there. The funny thing is that it is just as easy to choose our results rather than leave them to chance.

      What is your destiny? Choose it. Plan for it. Work for it. Then, execute it and make it happen. If we plan and execute wisely the result is a choice, and not a chance.

By choice,


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