Posted by: David D. Daggett | August 8, 2011

Attitude and Heart

Attitude and Heart 

       Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to learn the basics. I just finished a long weekend as a church camp counselor in a cabin of seven and eight year olds. As much as it was challenging, it was also rewarding and instructive.

Attitude and Heart

       Perhaps the most impactful moment for me was when one youngster exclaimed that the most important things are attitude and heart. He added that since attitude comes from the heart they are in many ways the same. Wow – a life lesson from a small package.

       At camp we learned about attitude in a Christian environment. Our heart is the driver of our attitudes, and our attitudes are the drivers of our lives. Our attitudes are displayed in being positive, encouraging, supportive, and helping others. It fuels our energy, drive, and propels us toward success in all we do.

       Our attitude is a reflection of our heart. We can control what fills our heart which in turn controls our attitude. Our attitude is then a choice we make on an ongoing basis. If we make it a habit to choose a positive attitude, it will reflect positively in all we do.

       Our attitudes reflect how others respond to us. If we are positive, caring, and uplifting we tend to get treated that way in return. We create our own positive circle of support in our workplaces and families. It makes our spiritual life more rewarding and fulfilling. It even makes us strong and faster. And, it always comes full circle.

      As much as I learned from the seven and eight year olds, they also tested me. In addition to testing my attitude, they also tested my endurance, my patience, and most of all my ability to sleep! I will miss those young fellows, I will miss their hearts, and I appreciate the lessons they taught me.

From the heart,



  1. Thanks David! I needed this reminder today!

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