Posted by: David D. Daggett | August 1, 2011

The Big Things

The Big Things

      There are lots of little things that we tend to think are big things. We think that our daily ups and downs are big things, when they are really just small pieces in our lives. If we get stuck on the small things we limit our opportunities for success.

The Big Things

        Ironman training consists of physical training, psychological training, and nutrition. These are the big things. Certainly, pace, heart rate, watts, and all of the other little training pieces and nuances are important; however, we need to keep our focus on the big things.

         We have an arrangement of quite a kaleidoscopic diversity of all of the pieces that make up our daily lives. It becomes daunting if we intensely focus on each little thing. We are better to make the best choices we can, keep moving forward, and focus on the big things. 

        What are your big things? Although we all have different areas of focus, for most of us, and evidence supports, the big things are our health and fitness, our families, our spirituality, and our careers. We have previously labeled these The Four Anchors. Filtering all choices and decisions through the filter of these big things keeps life focused and easier to maneuver.

       We need to keep focused on the big things. Obviously, the big things are made up of many smaller pieces. However, if we keep our focus on the big things we are more likely to move through life with greater fulfillment and satisfaction.

Just the big things,



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