Posted by: David D. Daggett | June 27, 2011



       An Ironman finish line is a special place. Just a few short hours ago I finished Ironman Coeur d”Alene. We then stayed at the finish line for several hours watching the finishers. The experience was priceless.

A "Priceless" Experience

        Each individual has their own story, and each has spent months, or even years in arduous preparation to accomplish the goal. At the finish their faces told it all. The expressions of joy and accomplishment, perhaps sprinkled with a little relief, were contagious. We all felt what they felt and the emotion was palpable.

        Much of what makes an Ironman finish so special, and so valuable is that there is only one way to get it. It can’t be bought, and it never comes easy. It only be earned through hard work. That work, mixed with persistence and determination on race day proves the Ironman moto “Anything Is Possible.”

        Life is that way too. The most valuable things can’t be bought, they can only be earned. The process of working and earning makes all things more valuable. Along the way we discovery something in ourselves mare valuable than riches or gold. The depth of character we develop is priceless.

        Of course, the accomplish doesn’t come without help. Families and friends sacrifice for their athletes. Your day becomes their day, and all are part of the achievement. They are priceless. Ironman is also a very volunteer intensive support. More than 3000 of them were on the course making sure our needs were met, and we were kept safe. Lastly, the 1000s of spectators help make the day special.

        The end result is an experience for all that is priceless. Thank you for being part of my circle of encouragement and support. Remember, you are priceless too, so get out there and do something special! It’s priceless.



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