Posted by: David D. Daggett | June 20, 2011

Real Hope

Real Hope

       Are you filled with hope? Hope is a powerful force that can have a profound positive effect on our future successes. Hope inspires us and hope keeps us going.

First Swim Meet - Hope!

       Real hope is a daily positive influence that keeps us going and supports us. It is fundamental in attitude and in action. Hope reveals itself spiritually, professionally, physically, and with of families. Hope can be a motivator, and it can be a safety net. Hope helps me daily.

       Ironman triathlons teach us hope. Even for weak and fragile people like me we learn that anything is possible. It is partially based on hope. Now, less than a week away from my 20th Ironman finish, I, along with all the other competitors, have a feeling of hope for the day.

     Of course, Ironman is simply a metaphor for our journey through life. One of its many lessons it reveals to us is a lesson of hope. Hope should not be confused with wishful thinking. Hope is not hollow, and hope is not an excuse to be lazy. On the contrary, the many hours of swim, bike, and run training teach us to never hope more or dream harder than we are willing to work.  Real hope is not free, and is not easy.

      Hard work is the building block of hope. On the bicycle, we enjoy beautiful views and broad vistas, but we first have to put in the work to climb the mountain. Likewise, life has its beautiful rewards that we all hope for, but they only come through the efforts of hard work.

        Always be filled with hope and spread that feeling and power to others. Let it show! Know that the work that supports our hope is ultimately what provides a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Filled with hope,



  1. As a 70 year old who has had to learn how to swim and train for sprint triathlons, I can say that the best part is the people and the experience. I did win all my 3 sprints because I was the only person in my ae group….did beat about 15% of the youngsters….your emphasis on family is well taken…you look like a happy group….

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