Posted by: David D. Daggett | June 13, 2011

Help Squad

Help Squad

      What do you do when you need help? Do you have folks around you who see your need and come to your rescue? Do you have a help squad?

The "Help Squad"

       The vast majority of my Ironman training is done alone. Due to work, family, and time constraints my schedule is not conducive to group training or making organized schedules. I have always enjoyed solo training. It gives me a time alone, time to think, time to reflect, and my discipline gives me a fairly strong capacity to go hard even though I am solo.

       My current Ironman buildup has been quite challenging. I have had several nagging and somewhat limiting injuries. And of course there was the bike crash with the accompanying trauma of replacing the frame just four weeks out from an Ironman. The remnants of the scrapes, bumps and bruises are continuing visual reminders of the trauma.

      Part of the life lesson through the Ironman metaphor is that we have to continue to go on. The date and the event are looming, so training must continue despite the setbacks. Most folks are well aware that running is my weakest of the three disciplines, and motivation was running thin due to the setbacks. Then came the help squad!

       My 8-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter intuitively seemed to know that I needed a boost. The day after the bike crash, and for the ensuing three weeks, they escorted me on their bicycles as I trudged through the long runs in the last period of the Ironman buildup. There was no complaining despite them being on their longest ever bike rides. They offered encouragement, and carried bottles of water. I cracked more than just a few smiles as they provided roving commentary and entertainment.

       We all need a help squad every now and then. We need the help squad professionally, spiritually, physically, and with our family and social relationships. I am thankful that my help squad recognized the need, sprung into action, and filled a true need.

Thanks for the help,



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