Posted by: David D. Daggett | May 30, 2011

In Perspective

In Perspective

        The pain from last week’s bike wreck continues. Fortunately, wounds and pride heal. Unfortunately, the bike will not.    The local shop determined that there was a crack in the carbon fiber frame. The integrity and the safety of the frame is compromised so it needs to be replaced.

        I love that bike. We’ve been together for quite a while now. We have completed seven Ironman races together, and all of the requisite training miles. It is clearly one of my very favorite physical possessions. The task of what and how to replace it, now less than four weeks from the next Ironman, threw me into an unusual tizzy. More than a bike tizzy, it was a selfish and self-pity tizzy.

Pastor Stephen P. Gerhard

       This Saturday, a week after the crash, we went to the memorial service honoring the life of Pastor Stephen P. Gerhard. Pastor Gerhard married Cindy and me. He and his wife Barbara are two of the most wonderful, beautiful people you could ever meet.

        Pastor Gerhard was always positive and full of joy even through his long battle with cancer. Cindy and I ran into the Gerhards when we went out to dinner just a couple of weeks ago. Pastor Gerhard’s infectious joy and smile, that we unknowingly were seeing for the last time, is forever seared in our memory and our mind’s eye.

       The life of Pastor Gerhard puts the trauma of a wrecked bike in perspective. The bike replacement now seems trivial, and I’m sure I’ll survive the Ironman.

        Pastor Gerhard’s life in the memories lives on. He loved and served others, smiled, enjoyed life, and was always a positive influence on others. He always reflected his personal mission statement:

                         Joyfully living in grace

                         Equipping the church with our resources

                         Serving others as Christ served us

                         Using our gifts to the glory of God

                         Sharing the good news with someone every day.

         Maybe sorting out my bike dilemma isn’t such a big deal after all. People like Pastor Gerhard will always be a big deal. His memory and smile puts things in perspective.

Keeping it in perspective, 


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