Posted by: David D. Daggett | May 23, 2011

When I Fall

When I Fall 

       Do you stumble? I tend to stumble, and sometimes fall. I stumble with family, at work, spiritually, and sometimes physically. Perhaps sometimes we need to fall in order to get back up and grow.

When I Fall

        I’m not sure I’m always aware when I stumble. Accordingly, perhaps that is why every now and then I get a physical reminder. Physical reminders tend to come in the way of falls.

       Now, five weeks out from an Ironman I was out on the bike at the crack of dawn. This was the long Saturday morning ride leaving home and then winding up through the North Carolina Foothills and into Virginia.

       At about the halfway point on the ride I was cruising down a beautiful lane and a half wide country road. The road was a rough chip and seal and I was going in and out of shadows. A dog chased me and about the time I outran him a fully-loaded farm truck came from the opposite direction blowing up some dust. I survived the dog and the truck and settled back into the aero bars when a sinkhole in the road got me. I never even saw it.

       This was a humbling reminder that sometimes I fall in other aspects of life, and maybe don’t even see it coming. However, it’s also a reminder that whatever the circumstances, wherever we are and whatever we’re doing, we have to pick ourselves up, evaluate the situation, and move forward as best we can.

       This fall occurred 50 miles from home in the middle of nowhere. I picked myself up and did a quick inventory to determine that, despite the blood, I might be okay. I took out the wrench, readjusted the displaced handlebars and got myself ready to get back on the bike and ride.

          As I was working on the bike a lady from the next farm up the road stopped to check on me. I told her I thought I would be able to ride, she encouraged me and invited me to stop at her farm if I needed any help.

       As one of my long pre-Ironman training rides I had intended to negative split this ride. As I hobbled onto the bike and began pedaling I began to feel that it still might be possible. I continued to feel better and better and at the end of the long day was able to negative split the ride by two and a half minutes.

       When we fall, we need to realize it, then begin the job of picking ourselves up. We need to figure out which direction we should be going, and then we have to get back on track. Perhaps a fall is something I sometimes need to keep me on track.

       The good news is I seem to be okay. The day after the fall, and very long ride, I was able to do a hard ride followed by a long run. I am sore, and the right side of my body is not very pretty, but I am getting back on track.

Picking myself up,



  1. That is a wicked lick! Thanks for the inspiration David.

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