Posted by: David D. Daggett | April 25, 2011

Gotta Believe

Gotta Believe

        What do you believe in? Our family had a great Easter weekend. We hosted an Easter egg hunt and Easter festival at our church that drew several hundred visitors. I was fortunate to be able to emcee the event, and of course we also had the Easter bunny.

Gotta Believe!

        Then, Easter morning, our church was overflowing with people. It is clearly the most popular Sunday of the church year. I enjoyed the spiritual aspects of the long weekend from the special Good Friday service through our family dinner Sunday evening. It was also a time to contemplate and reflect on our spiritual beliefs.

       We have discussed a number of times that the spiritual component of the Four Anchors may be the most important. Although I am very confident in my Christian beliefs, the research shows that for health and wellbeing it is not significant what your spiritual beliefs are, but that we have spiritual beliefs. All the great religions and all of the great philosophers recognize the importance of a spiritual connection to our overall health and wellbeing.

        Our spiritual life does more than just make us “feel good,” it provides an avenue for acceptance, approval, worthiness, and unconditional love. As humans, we are social creatures, and our spiritual communities provide us with social connections that tend to be nurturing and supportive.

       Whatever you believe in, believe strongly. Get yourself involved and participate with gusto. The spiritual interconnections multiply and are foundational in moving toward a lifetime of fulfillment and satisfaction.

      Of course, on Friday I exercised my spiritual connection in the Cathedral of Nature on an over five hour bike ride. Although the last 3 1/2 hours in 48 degrees and rain were quite trying, the spirit fully connected.

Gotta believe,


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