Posted by: David D. Daggett | March 21, 2011

Support Crew

Support Crew       

        How much time do you spend on the “Support Crew?” For now, let’s focus on athletics. If you are like me, you have probably received more support than you have given.

My Athletes!

        A support crew does more than just provide encouragement – that’s the easy part. The support crew carries supplies, holds bags, gathers belongings, watches kids, and hustles from place to place. You even have to run back to the car to retrieve a misplaced item. Then, with multiple races, you usher your competitors to the various start lines at different times.

         After the event the support crew fetches food and refreshments, re-gathers clothes and equipment, gives physical and emotional support, and then helps more once back home. It is a lot of work, and a lot of fun too.

          This past Saturday I was the support crew for family and members of our Daggett Shuler Team at the 16th annual St. Leo’s road races. In our family, our seven year old ran the one mile, our nine and eleven year olds ran the 5 K, and my lovely bride ran the 10 K. I have a lot of support crew service to return for what they give me.

Ready to Go!

         All three kids and Cindy set PR’s in their races. I about jumped out of my skin each time I saw one of the family, or anyone else I knew, come toward the finish line. I was excited because they were excited, and I was glad to help. I took pride in being the “Support Crew!”

          At the awards ceremony we were in for a real surprise and treat. “My” athlete and bride, Cindy, in her second ever 10 K won her age group. She smiled in surprise and excitement while I fought off tears of joy.

First Place!

         Like in athletics, we need to take time to work on the support crew in all aspects of life. Helping others and supporting their successes is, and I believe makes us better too. Experiences are fuller and more joyful when take a turn supporting others.

Go Cindy!


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