Posted by: David D. Daggett | February 28, 2011

Jump Start

Jump Start        

         How do we get better? What are our goals? Where do we start? What gets us going? If we have a race goal this year, an Ironman on the calendar, at some point we need to jump start our training. Perhaps it is the same in other aspects of our lives.

          Over Presidents’ Day weekend, which closely coincides with our wedding anniversary, we took our annual romantic weekend for five to the North Carolina mountains. This year the weather was relatively mild. Of course, that means I was able to ride my bike this year!

         The bike ride was more than five hours up and over the Eastern Continental Divide. As a bonus, there was a 20 mile per hour head wind the whole way. All of the flags en route were pointing right at me. The ride home was four and a half hours, again with a strong wind right at me. No matter, this just helped to jump start the season. Training is serious now.

       Like in training, a jump start always helps get us back on track or up to the next level. A jump start begins with a visible effort or change. Easing into it doesn’t get us, or others, going. It takes an emphatic statement of renewed goals or increased expectations.

       A jump start is psychological and symbolic. A jump start is a good way to address issues we outlined in our PDP. We can jump start our family, social, professional and spiritual aspects of our lives just like we do in our athletic training.

       Our Daggett Shuler team has just jump started our annual efforts for the 21st year of our Safe Sober Prom Night program. We launched into action over the past couple of weeks and are full tilt until mid-May with planning and execution of what may be the largest and longest- running privately sponsored initiative of its type in the country.

         Take visible and impactful action today to jump start a goal or vision. The jump start gets you and others involved, passionately engaged and on the road to accomplishing your successes to be.

Jump Started,


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