Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 24, 2011



       Did you do it? You know what I’m talking about. Did you do it! If not, what are you waiting for? Your PDP is a way to move beyond mediocrity.

No Waiting – Let’s Go!

       It seems that the vast majority of folks waddle through a life of mediocrity. Don’t get me wrong, many of these folks are good and decent people, they just are not going anywhere Further, they are not doing anything outstanding with their God given gifts and talents. If you are part of that group, now is the time to make a change and begin forward progress. Who wants to be mediocre?

       The truth is you can’t have a life of true fulfillment and satisfaction if you are mediocre. What things do people who move beyond mediocrity do that mediocre people don’t do? One of those things is having a PDP. A PDP is a plan to move beyond mediocrity. What’s your weakness? Write it down and let’s attack it. What’s your strength? How do you leverage it in order to perform better?

      Please remember that I first speak to myself, and then perhaps through that message you may also move further on the journey, either with me or in front of me leading the way! A life of progressive improvement makes us better, and makes those around us better too.

      Let’s go back to your PDP. You have to do this if you are going to move beyond mediocrity. Write it down and post it where you will see it often. Review it regularly to make sure you stay on track. Mark and keep track of your little incremental successes. Over time these little successes will turn into big accomplishments. However, it doesn’t happen automatically. We have to plan it and we have to do it.

      Successful people are no different than you and me. A common trait is they have a plan to succeed, and they do it. They have a plan and they stick to it. They do it now, they do not procrastinate. Mostly, they know that all positive results begin with positive action. They start now!

No waiting,


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