Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 17, 2011



         Do you have a PDP? Two friends of mine, who are work colleagues, were discussing their PDPs in the locker room. Of course, I wanted in on the secret. A PDP is a Personal Development Plan.

       What is your PDP? Do you have one? We plan, have schedules, and train athletically – we couldn’t do triathlons without it. We have logs, training partners, coaches, and even programable wrist watches. Shouldn’t we put a similar effort in other aspects of our lives?

      I am a believer, and research shows, that if we don’t consciously think of things and set objectives that we unconsciously dawdle along and don’t become the best we can be.  However, if we do consciously take positive steps forward our lives naturally lead toward greater fulfillment and satisfaction.

       So, what are your goals for this year? Remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish. And, a plan without action is useless. So, we need to identify our goals, set a plan, and then do it! If this is need, start with areas where you can achieve small successes. Success becomes a habit and multiplies. Small successes then add up to big wins.

      A good place to start is with the Four Anchors. Setting goals in the physical, spiritual, social, and professional aspects of our .lives will ensure that we maintain balance. Progressing in these areas increases our overall satisfaction and fulfillment.

      Individually becoming better, happier, and more productive is a double win – it helps us individually, and makes us better collectively. We have a positive at work, in our families, and at our churches and community organizations.

Planning for a GREAT year,



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