Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 10, 2011

After the Glow

After the Glow       

      The holidays are over. We took the decorations down this past weekend, and the tree is out at the curb. The excitement and glow of the season are over. So, how’s your mental disposition?

After the Glow

       The January blues is a real condition that affects a large percentage of people. It is so common that more people seek help for depression in January than in December. Some of the causes are seasonal due to the short days, end of the holidays, and winter weather.

       Many of us also tend to look backwards. We tend to be critical of ourselves and our accomplishments, or lack thereof. Accordingly, self-reflection at New Year’s is a major contributor to January blues.

       Interestingly, this same effect can occur after the culmination of all highly anticipated and prepared for events and activities. For example, after an Ironman finish athletes can suffer from Post Ironman Stress Syndrome. It is a letdown and reflection that can have a negative psychological impact.

       So, what do we do to help stamp out the blues? Reaching out to other people often makes people feel a lot better. Plenty of people in our communities need help and assistance. It is hard to be down when helping other people.

       Incremental goals help us move forward and out of the blues. Smaller accomplishments keep us moving forward more optimistically. We can also plan outings with friends or other occasions. We have to have something to look forward to in order to move our minds in a positive direction. And of course, maintaining our health and fitness keeps us positive too.

       The holiday glow may be over, but we can overcome the January blues. Helping other people, accomplishing goals, staying in shape, and making plans can cruise us smoothly into the New Year.  Let your light shine in 2011 – continue the glow!

Still glowing,


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