Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 3, 2011

Fresh Start

Fresh Start

 Looking back with thanks and forward with optimism is a trained skill. The new year provides a fresh start for us to work on these skills as we continue to build lives of fulfillment and satisfaction centered around the spiritual, physical, family, and professional aspects of our lives.

“Fresh Start” – Pre-Dawn New Year at Salem Lake

My year started with my 25th (or 26th) annual “Resolution Ride” on my mountain bike, leaving home before 6:00. There was no sunrise to be seen this year. We had mild temperatures, but it was extremely foggy and cloudy. The trails were as icy and muddy as I have seen. I always take some time to stop and give thanks. The fresh start of the new year makes the ride special despite the conditions.

This new year is also a new decade. What are your goals and what is your action plan to get there? It is time for a fresh start on our action plans. The time is now. Our goals, if they are not followed up with actions, are simply wishful thinking.

We probably shouldn’t wait for a new year to take positive action, but we can use the new year as a reminder. It is a point of reference and rededication. We need to set our goals and expectations high. Pursuing them requires action . . . positive action. All successes start with action. The time to take action is now.

Pursue goals without self imposed limitations. The biggest and most easily avoided limitation are excuses. Wishful thinking without action is followed by rationalization as to why we didn’t reach our goals or intended results. This rationalization is nothing more than self-imposed excuses. Excuses buy us nothing and get us nowhere. Where are you going and what are you doing to get there? No excuses – let’s go!

Back Home – 2.5 Hour Resolultion Ride Complete

We all have unique possibilities and challenges. We need to be thankful for our God-given talents. It is incumbent on all of us to use those talents to optimistically start off the new year.

Starting Fresh,



  1. […] We have discussed a number of times the principle that consistency over an extended period of time always wins.  People and organizations that consistently execute on the basic fundamental principles generally come out ahead.  This happens with our families, our businesses, spiritually, and of course athletically.  Many times it is not fancy or glamorous or even the most exciting.  However, continuing to focus on the basic fundamentals ensures our continual progress on the road to personal fulfillment and satisfaction. […]

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