Posted by: David D. Daggett | December 13, 2010



        Confidence helps us perform, and enjoy, in the various aspects of our lives. Confidence is a trust in our abilities and talents that lets us perform and achieve. How do we get confidence and where does it come from?


       Setting and achieving goals builds confidence. Goal oriented activities for children build confidence. As achievements progress confidence and the work habits necessary for success progress as well. This builds a foundation for future successes that can last a lifetime.

      Confidence is a mind set that builds over time. Much like self-esteem confidence is earned through hard work. Hours of training, hours of practice, hours of studying, and hours of work earn confidence.

      Competence builds confidence. Accomplished dancers, athletes, musicians, and performers of all types train, practice, and rehearse until they know they can do it. They become confident through the hard work of becoming fully competent.

      Confidence is further fueled by success and is a treat for successes achieved. Confidence builds as we achieve goals. As we tackle more difficult goals, our confidence builds. Confidence knows better than to get over confident, or cocky, because it understands the work it took to get there.

       Being fit and healthy improves confidence. Looking good and feeling good makes us more confident and helps us perform better. We need to take the time and effort to eat right and exercise.

       We continue to work on and earn our confidence as we continue to grow and develop. This lifelong pursuit is a big piece of our fulfillment and satisfaction.

Building confidence,


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