Posted by: David D. Daggett | December 6, 2010

3000 Candles

 3000 Candles         

        How does your light shine? At our church during the Christmas season it shines with 3000 fully trimmed beeswax candles. These candles are hand made and trimmed by volunteers in our congregation.

3000 Candles

        The kids wanted to go help with candle trimming, so I cut the bike ride short and took them. Believe it or not, candle trimming has some similarities to Ironman racing and training. Both take technique, training, perseverance, coaching and even endurance.

The All Stars

        The all star of the trimming is Mrs. Sides. Now in her 90’s, she has been volunteering to help trim candles for “most of her life.” She was the fastest, neatest, and had the prettiest final product. At the two hour mark, I was seeing double and my fingers were cramping. Mrs. Sides continued on at double my pace.

Christmas Eve

        The effect is worth the work. Our Christmas services are as beautiful as any I have seen. The behind the scenes preparations of many go mostly unseen, but the results are spectacular!


       This holiday season let your light shine. And, don’t forget all of those who make your shining light possible.

My candle is shining,


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