Posted by: David D. Daggett | November 22, 2010

Quality Work

Quality Work        

        What do a children’s sermon and Ironman training have in common? No, this is not a trick question. This week our children’s sermon at New Philadelphia Moravian Church paralleled Pastor Green’s sermon entitled “God’s Working Standards.”

Quality Work

        In the children’s sermon we followed the Working Standards theme and focused on passages from Philippians. This book addresses work, talks of thanksgiving, and closes with one of the most beautiful verses in the Bible exhorting us to work hard and do good.

       Quality work is necessary for success. Pastor Green introduced his sermon with the story of Dr. W. Edward Deming going to Japan after World War II to establish quality standards. According to Deming, it is easier to put quality in than to take defects out. The message to me is to try to do things right the first time, rather than to correct them later.

       Accordingly, excellence is our first standard for quality work. Perfection may never be obtained, but we can always strive for excellence in all we do. Excellence is always trying to do the best we possibly can, and to always do the right thing.

       Next, we need a plan for our quality work. Pastor Green quoted the Reverend Robert Schuller that if we “fail to plan, then we plan to fail.” In our businesses, personal life, physical pursuits, and spiritual life we need a plan.

       Lastly, we need faithfulness. Obviously, faithfulness is a spiritual aspiration. Moreover faithfulness is also a commitment to any moral goal. At a higher level, faithfulness also includes pursuit of moral excellence as we pursue our goals.

       Quality work , be it physical, professional, personal, or spiritual, requires a commitment to excellence, a plan to follow, and faithfulness to the goals and guiding principles.

The work goes on,


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