Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 25, 2010

Order and Precision

Order and Precision

         “Order and Precision” is not exactly a valid description of my ballroom dancing ability. However, I did get to do the Fox Trot with my 11-year-old daughter under the close supervision of the instructor who demanded order and precision.

Order and Precision

         Our daughter has spent the last month or so in a Cotillion class that teaches manners, etiquette and ballroom dancing to young people. Parents were invited to attend the last evening. The teacher instructed at the very beginning that she required order and precision and that she was in charge.

        The young ladies and gentlemen were slightly uncomfortable. They demonstrated the various ballroom dances they had learned. The young men escorted their partners to their seats when the dance was finished. At refreshment time, the gentlemen brought cookies and drinks to the ladies.

        The young gentlemen and ladies sat, not slouching, backs straight, both feet on the floor – ladies with their ankles crossed. Manners and etiquette practiced and instilled.. Smiles abounded and the lessons were learned.

        The parents looked on in amazement. No slouching, beautiful posture. This age is so wonderful. I love ’em. I believe manners and etiquette are always in style, even when people aren’t.

         Perhaps there are lessons we all can learn. Combine manners, etiquette with being on time (another requirement) and you have quite a timeless formula for success in this modern world.

        At the end, the instructor said my dancing “wasn’t bad” and our daughter seemed not to be too embarrassed. I have recommitted to always practice manners and etiquette. And have learned the lesson of “Order and Precision.’

I’ll dance again,


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