Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 18, 2010

The Double Reverse

The Double Reverse     

      It’s fourth and long. The Lions flag football team is pinned deep at their own end of the field. The undefeated season is on the line. The fans, parents, are on edge. Coach Holmes knows it is time – time to call the double reverse.

The Lions

           Seven year olds running the double reverse? I helped with practice earlier that morning. I watched Coach Holmes drill the team over and over. “We’ve going to keeping doing it until we get it right,” he implores. And once they hit perfection, he had them do it one more time.

          But now, it is different. This is real life. Game time. Season on the line. The players feel the pressure. The opponent has the momentum. Can this really work? It all depends on execution.

        We plan. We train. When it is time, we must execute. We frequently see examples of this in Ironman racing. A well trained athlete with a solid race plan some how fails to follow his nutrition strategy. Or bikes to hard. Or, fails to properly prepare her transition bag. It all comes down to execution.

           In racing, in life, in flag football, and in all we do, we must execute our strategies in order to fully succeed. All the planning, all the preparation, all the work, ultimately come down to execution. Strategies executed to perfection result in individual and collective success, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

        So, back to the Lions. The quarterback takes the snap. The first handoff is perfect. The defense is not fooled and follows the first reverse. We are all tense….I knew what was coming. The last handoff – perfect! The ball carrier turns the corner to a wide open field. Coach Holmes smiles. The double reverse is executed to precision.

          The Lions go on in win in a close game, well-played by both teams. After the game the Lions line up for photos to remember their undefeated season. Perfect execution.

Executing the Strategies,


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