Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 11, 2010

The Starting Block

The Starting Block       

           How many of us go out and win our very first competitive athletic event? Not very many.

The Starting Block

             Most of us are not a talent like our family friend Chrissie Wellington – world champion triathlete who won her very first Ironman race and remains undefeated at that distance. Note, unfortunately she became ill and was not able to race the world championships this past weekend.

        Most of us begin on the Starting Block, like our own 9-year-old daughter this past weekend at her very first competitive level swim meet. It all begins on the starting block. Just getting there and trying is the first step toward success in athletics, or in any other life pursuit.

        As she stepped on the starting block I reflected on her reason for being there. She was competing for fun, for learning, and for exercise. She is at the very beginning of an already established healthy and fitness lifestyle. Further, through athletics she is learning various life lessons including hard work, perseverance, and teamwork. Sure she tried hard, but she was not there just to win (she did not).

       Or, how about the flag football team we discussed last week – learning sportsmanship and teamwork, even while they seem to keep on winning – which is simply the side benefit.

        I hope to keep getting up on the starting block like my good friend and mentor, Dr. Joe Maroon , who at Age 70 competed in the Ironman World Championship in Kona this past weekend finishing in 15 hours and 40 minutes. Congratulations to you, Joe!

         One of my running buddies who I have known for more than 25 years( he was younger then than I am now) frequently says you’ve got to “post” or “put your toe on the starting line”. Certainly that’s the way it is in all aspects of life. One of the common denominators of all success is that the first step is action.

        Success in all aspects of life requires us to step up on the starting block and be ready to go. These lessons seem to be all around me ranging from my own children to some of my senior friends. Thank you for showing me way to the starting block!

In the blocks,


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