Posted by: David D. Daggett | September 13, 2010



         Triathletes are known for being faithful to their bikes. We are also faithful runners. Although it is sometimes a struggle, we try to be faithful to swimming. Faithfulness is seen by most of us as a true virtue.

Moravian Synod 2010

The past four days I was exposed to and learned a good lesson in faithfulness. I served as a delegate to the quadrennial synod of the Southern Province of the Moravian Church in America. I was privileged to be seated next to, in alphabetical order by first name, the Reverend David Guthrie.

As the weekend proceeded, the ecclesiastical voting for the president of the Provincial Elders Conference, the head of the Moravian Church in the Southern Province, it became apparent that Rev. Guthrie would be elected president. I had the high privilege to be seated next to Rev. Guthrie at the moment he was actually elected to our church’s highest office.

It was striking from Rev. Guthrie and the other delegates with whom I serve that there were lessons to be learned in faithfulness. Rev. Guthrie certainly embodies each of the qualities of faithfulness that I observed over the weekend. He demonstrates and exemplifies this faithfulness with his beautiful family, his profession, his spiritual faith, and to others.

For all of us, faithfulness applies to all important aspects of our lives including our families, profession, spiritual, and physical aspects. Faithfulness is a loyalty and devotion that extends beyond our empirical capacity to understand. We believe it, do it, and it becomes part of us.

Faithfulness reflects itself through trust. Spiritual trust and trust in our leaders in the various aspects of our lives demonstrates our faithfulness.

Faithfulness brings with it a humility that prevents folks from straying toward that dangerous ground of egocentric behavior. We are united to other likeminded people through our faithfulness. This unity applies to all aspects of our lives and results in giving us more strength together. Further, the resulting support and encouragement prompts us toward continual improvement and betterment.

Lastly, faithfulness gives each of us a strong internal support that brings with it a peace that gives us fulfillment and satisfaction in the various aspects of our lives. I was fortunate to be able to observe and learn by example more about faithfulness from Reverend Guthrie and my Moravian colleagues.



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