Posted by: David D. Daggett | August 23, 2010

Get Outside

Get Outside

      Our family loves being outside. We hope we are introducing our kids to a healthy lifestyle that they will enjoy for life. The Cathedral of Nature calls us, refreshes us, and is part of who we are. The Physical Anchor is integrated in our lifestyle in a way that we hope our kids will embrace for life.

        Recently I have been bothered by the number of obviously overweight kids I see. Everywhere I go they are there. Quite frankly it is hearbreaking.  It bothers me because we, collectively, are letting the next generation down and are not being proper examples. We, collectively, have to take affirmative action to lead the next generation.

Look at just the objective data. Childhood obesity rates are shockingly high (one out of three) and are rising. I am stunned by the amount of TV young people watch, and they think it is normal. When I was a counselor at church camp, kids asked where the TV was. There is a strong correlation between obesity (and violence, alcohol, sex, etc.) and watching TV. Some studies show children average more than four hours a day in front of the TV, including a large percentage of time spent in day care.

Yet parents spend only a few minutes a day talking with or actively spending time with their children. Add to that parents being too busy, too tired, not there due to divorce, etc. and we have a real mess. So, parents make up by “being nice” or simply not doing anything at all. As a result young people act out in search of attention, leadership – love! It’s not the kids, it’s us, the parents.

Young people today are among the best and brightest we have ever had. What they want and need from us, all of us, is leadership, guidance, direction, encouragement, and support – our generation of parents simply are not giving it to them. Let’s get them outside, let’s get them moving, let’s be a good example, and let’s leave a legacy of a healthy generation we can be proud of.

Lead our children spiritually, healthfully, academically, and socially within the family to a better future. We, collectively, are letting them down. It is up to us, collectively, to pull them back up. We can start by getting them outside!

Heading outside,


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