Posted by: David D. Daggett | August 16, 2010

Back To Camp

Back To Camp

       Do you think an Ironman is difficult? Last weekend I discovered an adventure that more than challenged my endurance. I was a church camp counselor for a cabin of seven-year-old boys!

Our long weekend of pre-junior camp at Laurel Ridge Moravian Church Camp was a great experience for the boys, and for me. The beauty of the camp is incredible, and all of the volunteers were fantastic. In the words of our son, we had fun, we were happy, and we were sad to leave.

Nature hikes were fun for all the kids and adults alike. It is fun to learn about nature. The boys were most thrilled to have a whistle carved out of a birch branch and a laurel leaf. Crafts are a big part of camp, and the highlight of this session was making a prayer stool in woodworking complete with their footprints after dipping their feet in paint. Canoeing was a bit treacherous, but for the boys it certainly made the “fun” category.

Perhaps “fun” and “happy” are synonymous, but not necessarily for seven year olds. Surprisingly, the boys describe KP duty as fun. Perhaps we should all enjoy our chores so much. Happy times also included the closing campfire and singing spiritual songs up high on the mountain.

Of course, my other duties included bed time enforcer, shower patrol, and designated coyote fighter. A cabin full of seven year olds left me worn out yet excited to return.

At the end it was sad to leave and to say good-bye to new friends. The mountain is a very special place that left us with many fond memories. We can’t wait to return next year.

Back from camp,


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