Posted by: David D. Daggett | July 26, 2010

Incredible People

Incredible People

       Ironman USA in Lake Placid had a lot of incredible people yesterday. Of course, the competitors were incredible, but that’s not to whom I’m referring. My nineteenth Ironman finish wrote another chapter of memories filled with examples of incredible people.

IRONMAN Finish #19

Ironman is a very volunteer intensive sport. The city of Lake Placid has a population of only about 3,000. Yet, there were more than 3,500 volunteers supporting the near Ironman record 3013 registered athletes. A town that has hosted two Olympics sure knows how to support athletes, and they sure showed it!

The weather brought rain, wind, a chill, and yes even a few spots of sunshine. Regardless, the weather didn’t seem to deter many folks. The crowds were quite large with what appeared to be tens of thousands of spectators lining the streets to support all athletes. Families, gorilla suits, costumes of all sorts, all giving each a hearty cheer. Even my old friend Rick who called me after my bike wreck in 2004 when I didn’t even know him – I thought he was deserving of a mid-course sweaty hug!

A local elderly man in a wheel chair was out on the course cheering most of the day. When I went to thank him afterward to tell him how much I appreciated him being there he simply responded that it was his honor. Perhaps he was teaching a lesson of honor.

You see just about everything out on the course. I was particularly entertained by the couple out in the country sitting in their lawn by the street having a picnic under umbrellas with their two billy goats at their feet behaving quite nicely.

Many of my cyber-friends from facebook and called me by name and cheered. One, Dev, acted like we were old friends when the only other time we have seen each other in person was at the 70 mile mark of the World Championship in Hawaii in 2006. No matter – on race day all athletes were supported.

Then, of course my incredible pack led by my lovely bride Cindy. Being an Iron-spouse is probably more difficult than racing. She and the kids were out all day. They shared there love and support with all competitors. Cindy also shared her experience and knowedge of Iron-spectating with other families.

Thank you to all the incredible people for supporting the Ironman athletes. We couldn’t do it without you.

You are incredible!



  1. OK, where is #20?!? Hopefully some place with great banana stickers! BTW, great time.

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