Posted by: David D. Daggett | July 19, 2010

The Best We Can

The Best We Can

           Things don’t always go as we plan. We need to be ready to be “the best we can.” even when plans change.

"The Best We Can!"

        Ironman racing takes a lot of training and preparation. It also teaches us to be experts in pain management and adversity management. Adversity management is the ability to handle difficulties as they arise and to keep on going.

      This past weekend we had the local Kids for Kids Triathlon race. The planning and logistics were well executed. The volunteers were plentiful, willing, able, and terrific. The youngsters were excited and ready.

      Then, in the middle of the event, bad weather struck. We had passing storms with thunder, lightning, and heavy rain. The 7 through 10 year-olds were able to complete the course. Then, the 11 through 14 year-olds had their race interrupted. Some of these young athletes had completed the swim and bike portions when the course was closed. Through instantaneous communication with local weather experts we knew we had a quick window before the next round of storms hit.

        Quickly, we organized a “Splash and Dash”. A Splash and Dash is a quick swim/run event. We rallied all of the volunteers and logistics coordinators and were able to execute the change of events with precision. Along with parents, family, friends, sponsors, and volunteers we were able to give each of our young athletes a full finish line experience. Each finisher received their finisher’s medal and other finisher mementos of their special day.

       We overcame the difficulties of the day and succeeded in accomplishing our bigger goal. We gave each of these young athletes the thrill of healthy competition. We also encouraged these youngsters and their families on their road to creating healthy fitness lifestyles.

       Mother Nature threw us a punch, but we were able to switch gears, execute a revised strategy, and pull off a successful event. We were proud of the way the kids were able to adjust in a short period of time. We also learned many lessons of perseverance, dealing with adversity, handling challenges and difficulties. Above all, we fulfilled our obligation to do “The Best We Can!”

       CONGRATULATIONS to the Kids for Kids Trialthlon and Splash and Dash finishers!

Doing our best,


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