Posted by: David D. Daggett | July 12, 2010

The Third Quarter

The Third Quarter

       The third quarter of a race tends to define our overall performance. If we have properly executed the first two quarters we are ready to more fully reveal our capabilities. The third quarter not only defines you, it either makes you or breaks you.

The Third Quarter

      Turning 50 has been fun for Cindy and me. We realize that we are ready for our “third quarter.” We are set to define our race, and know that we are prepared and ready to perform.

       We have excitement and wonder for the future of our children. We look forward to further nurturing and guiding their budding talents. Their future successes are our successes. Successes that we will begin to see in our third quarter.

        Physically, we have been diligent with our diet and exercise for many years. Now, we enter the third quarter fit and sharp. Our health and fitness lifestyle allows us to enjoy activities together and share our on-going competitiveness in athletic events.

        Professionally, we are excited for the future of our Daggett Shuler team. Our pursuit of professional and service excellence is the foundation of all our future successes. We are ready, we are prepared, our game plan is solid, and our third quarter will be successful and exciting.

        Spiritually, we understand all of our blessings. Cindy is not only my soul mate, she is also my spiritual partner. We enjoy nurturing and exploring our spiritual lives together and with our family.

        When you make it through the third quarter you are defined and solid. For example, the third lap of the one mile race separates the best from the rest. We are excited as we begin our “third quarter.” We are excited and diligent as we continue to pursue a healthy fitness lifestyle on the road to fulfillment and satisfaction.

Be part of our third quarter,


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