Posted by: David D. Daggett | July 5, 2010

Grateful Fourth

Grateful Fourth

      Holidays always make me reflect on all my blessings. I intentionally started reflecting and being grateful a number of years ago when Cindy and got married and started our family. With all there is to be grateful for it is hard not to have a positive attitude.

Grateful Fourth

Of course, we first need to be grateful in order to receive the positive benefits that it brings. We need to have “triggers” to remind us of all our blessings. Holidays are one area that we can use as a reminder that results in this positive trigger.

For a framework of our gratefulness, we can go back to our Four Anchors as areas we can consciously reflect on and be thankful. Using triggers and a framework helps us keep our lives in perspective and to remember to be grateful for all our blessings.

One aspect of our distance training for Ironman races is our long suffering during our long workouts. I have always enjoyed the feeling of freedom that comes with long workouts. My long bike ride Saturday morning into the mountains was difficult yet very freeing.

The 4th of July, Independence Day, is a special holiday. We certainly want to take time to thank and be grateful for those who protect us and help keep us free. This freedom we experience in all our daily activities should make us all grateful. What we can’t do is take it for granted.

When we fail to be grateful for our freedom we risk losing it. We can lose it personally and become prisoners to the world around us. We can lose it collectively and lose the freedoms that are so valuable for all of us. We can also sacrifice our freedom at the expense of our future generations.

Let us all take time to reflect and be grateful for all our blessings and freedoms. Remembering helps insure we preserve them for ourselves and for others.



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