Posted by: David D. Daggett | June 28, 2010

Avoiding Chaos

Avoiding Chaos

      This past week Cindy and I spent two nights together up in the mountains before picking ours girls up from Church Camp Saturday morning. It was a great little escape for us. Of course, I biked the 110 miles up to the Bed & Breakfast, and then the 80 miles back from Church Camp.

My Conscious Choice

Cindy and I spent a lot of time talking about life. Turning 50 we have unfortunately seen the results of a lot of bad choices people make. Most of these are not bad people. They simply failed to make positive choices and take affirmative action.

Cindy then referred to a law of physics that I really didn’t understand but concluded that when items, issues, goals, and dreams are left to their own course at some point it results in disorder, or chaos. So, unless we make conscious choices to direct and guide our lives, we risk unconsciously leaving our destiny to chance and ultimately chaos.

An interesting statistic that is striking to me relates to people who pay to go to self help or betterment seminars. Ninety percent of all people who pay for instruction in areas that are apparently important to them leave and never do anything they learned.

Our future successes are a matter of choice, not a matter of chance. Conscious deliberate action is a choice we need to make in the areas of our lives that are important to us. Referring back to our Four Anchors, positive action in the areas of family, profession, spirituality, and physical wellness leads to a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Simple examples include keeping our marriages healthy. It takes positive, conscious ongoing action in order to succeed. Without this deliberate intent we risk drifting toward dysfunction and ultimately failure.

In all aspects of life, deliberate conscious positive choice leads to great success and ultimately greater fulfillment and satisfaction.

Avoiding Chaos,


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