Posted by: David D. Daggett | June 21, 2010

Greet Them All

Greet Them All

      This weekend was the second annual 36 North Triathlon. This local sprint triathon is put on by a group of extraordinary young business leader triathletes. They did a great job. I am thankful for and proud of them.

       Yours truly was honorary race #1. I suppose this was part age and part our Daggett Shuler Team being a race sponsor. Although, with some of the best young athletes in the area starting right behind me , at times it felt more like being a sacrificial lamb.

Part of starting at the front was also that our Daggett Shuler team was working the finish shoot. My talents were designated to be the official greeter – perhaps good training for a second career. I was the fourth across the line. I was able to congratulate the first three and then personally greet every single finisher for the next three hours or so.

Truthfully, I had a great time. In my 29 year triathlon career, so far, this was the first time I was at the finish line the entire time. Along with other partners in our firm, and our children, we helped every finisher and enjoyed their achievements with them.    Many were long time friends who were quick to share a sweaty hug.

For some this was their first triathlon. It was fun to see the joy on their faces as they crossed the finish line. The payoff for the training was the thrill of the accomplishment. Each has their own story of accomplishment. Their happiness became our happiness, and we are all better for the experience.

Perhaps most important was the encouragement and support of active fitness lifestyles in our community. The fans and volunteers were terrific.  Congratulations to all finishers – thanks for letting us be there with you.




  1. Thanks David, for your support and encouragement. I couldn’t imagine a beeter greeter for all those triathletes!

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