Posted by: David D. Daggett | June 14, 2010

Get Up And Go

Get Up And Go

      Sometimes the best lessons are the simplest. Often children are the teachers of these simple lessons. Further, many of these lessons are learned through participating in sports.

Get up and go!

Our local track club has weekly community track meets during the month of June. This year, for the first time they combined these track meets with the youth running program. Youngsters from the age of about five through teenagers participate and all have a great time while learning lifelong lessons.

Last week, at the start of the third heat of the 400 meters our 7-year-old son was involved in a “pile up” about 10 meters after the start. With no hesitation he got up and took off. He sprinted the whole way around the track and crossed the finish line mid pack with a big smile on his face.

The adults, in particular, were quite entertained by the youngsters and their enthusiasm. Cindy and I eavesdropped on a conversation between some of the youngsters who were involved in the pile-up and especially enjoyed our son’s contribution to the conversation. Riley explained to the other young runners that when something goes wrong you have to show perseverance and just get up and go! Wow – what a way to learn one of the most powerful lessons in life.

Life works the same way. We can’t stay down – we have to get up and go. Staying down can materialize by getting stuck and looking back. Winners don’t look back, they get up and move forward.

There is an old quote that “action is the key to all success.”   We have to get up and go!

Let’s Go,


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