Posted by: David D. Daggett | June 8, 2010

By Example


        Our young people today need positive examples more than ever. They are under tremendous peer pressure and much of it is negative. What they want and need from us is leadership, guidance, support and encouragement – they need us to be an example. If we lead they will follow.

By Example – Mrs. Rejeski

         Of course, hopefully examples start with parents at home. Fortunately, the example my parents set are responsible for a large part of what I am today. My parents taught me a lot about character and integrity. They taught me to work hard and to give back to others. They had high standards while giving unending support.

        Teachers and coaches can be great role models. Our middle child turned nine this weekend. Our birthday parties are usually special family events. Our daughter wanted to include her third grade teacher, Mrs. Rejeski, and her husband. Mrs. Rejeski is a wonder example, and not just for third graders – she and Jack are great examples for us too!

       One of the best examples I ever encountered was Coach LeBeau, my high school wrestling coach. He encouraged, supported, and held me accountable. I certainly learned the value of hard work. He started every competition with a team prayer for strength to do our best and come through without injury. No prayer ever mentioned winning.

       A healthy fitness lifestyle is a great example for us to set. Simply being activity and nature oriented instead of TV and video game oriented is a great start, and an example to returns life long dividends.

        We are and have examples professionally, socially, spiritually, athletically and within our families. Each of us needs and should have examples to help us continue to progress while at the same time being examples for others in each aspect of our lives.

By example,



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