Posted by: David D. Daggett | May 10, 2010

Take It Big Time

Take It Big Time

      What is your passion? Do you take it “Big Time?” The things that are important to us need to be integrated into the various aspects of our lives so that when the opportunity presents itself we are prepared to “Take It Big time.” Do you integrate the things that are important into all aspects of your life?

Safe Sober Prom Night in Time Square

This past week I was on a business trip to New York City. I have only been there a few times. Running each morning in Central Park was a great experience. I was surprised at the large number of runners and cyclists – some were very fast! The views from the park were stunning.

New York is an amazing place and is as big as it gets. In my two and a half days I only had a short period of free time one afternoon. Of course, I slipped on my 20th anniversary Safe Sober Prom Night T-shirt and hit the town!

As we walked around town I was surprised at the notice people took of my T-shirt. Folks stopped, asked questions, and took an interest in our program. At the hotel, the doorman’s daughter was going to the prom Saturday and he thanked me for my efforts. During my stay he rolled out the red carpet every time I came through the doorway based solely on the Safe Sober program. Safe Sober was “Big Time” in New York!

It is important to take our passions with us every where we go. People can see our excitement and it spreads in a positive manner. Every now and then we get the opportunity to take it “Big Time,” but that only happens if it is part of us and we take it every where we go.

Taking it Big Time,



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