Posted by: David D. Daggett | April 5, 2010

Playing Politics

Playing Politics

     Politics impedes performance limiting results and ultimately dampens satisfaction and fulfillment. Most of us don’t like playing politics and its implications even though we many times get caught up in the drama of it.

No politics – Easter Morning

Perhaps we enjoy sports and athletic competition as an escape from the distractions and influences of politics. In triathlon competition there is little political influence. In the latter half of an Ironman marathon politics do not matter. There are no outside negative influences, only the satisfaction and results that are made from hard work, persistence, grit, and tenacity.

Politics at home, in the office, and our spiritual or other organizations is tiring. Worse, it zaps us of our energy and creativity. We end up spending more time watching our backs than blazing the forward trail of success and satisfaction.

Conversely, if we maintain work, home, and social environments that minimize politics we are freed and encouraged to work individuals and collectively toward performance, results, and success.

At Daggett Shuler Attorneys, one of our supporting strategies of our vision in pursuit of excellence is minimizing, if not eliminating, office politics. Avoiding politics gets rid of an uncomfortable atmosphere, limits gossip, stops unproductive use of energy. Instead it allows us to focus us on being the best we can be individually and collectively. Perhaps this sounds a bit idealistic, but our team finds it refreshing and motivating. We are committed to staying on course. We are committed to continually working on and guarding our environment in order to continue to pursue excellence and integrity.

Minimizing the negative effects of playing politics make our environments healthier and more productive. Performance and results-based families, organizations, and businesses are both better and happier. Ultimately we achieve more on our road to satisfaction and fulfillment.

Outperforming politics,


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