Posted by: David D. Daggett | March 15, 2010



      “Complacency” is the second in our series on impediments to success. Complacency can happen when we take success for granted. Personally, professionally, spiritually, and in business we need to root out complacency. We all need to avoid becoming complacent. Life is a continuing challenge, and we have to continue to work hard to meet the challenges both present and future.

Always Climbing

We never stay on top of a mountain. We have to climb again and again to get to the top. Further, once we stop climbing not only do successes cease, but we also lose the fulfillment and satisfaction of progress.

Great struggles tend to follow successes. Why? We tend to rest on our laurels. We see it all around us. Nine times the Super Bowl champions have failed to make the playoffs the following year. Perhaps a recent example is Toyota. Apparently they became complacent, or outgrew, their commitment to excellence and quality. Perhaps we all do that at points in time.

Complacency also makes us vulnerable. When we take things for granted we take our eye off the key ingredients that led to success in the first place. Complacency gets us stuck in the status quo that erodes performance and future successes.

We can’t rest on our laurels. We need to continually evolve, innovate, motivate, and work. We have to have a willingness to challenge complacency. This willingness can come from considering the benefits of the challenge. New ideas challenge complacency and provide opportunities for us to improve efficiency, service, and performance.

Championship athletes know the importance of staying focused and engaged at all times, always reaching for the next goal. Likewise, individuals and organizations need to continue pushing forward in order to achieve exceptional successes. Accordingly, we need to continually push ourselves toward excellence. We need to continually revitalize ourselves personally, collectively, and with our families and organizations as we pursue new challenges.

Always climbing,


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