Posted by: David D. Daggett | March 1, 2010



      Do we tend to take friendship for granted? Perhaps we all overlook the amazing importance and power of friendship from time to time.

Flowers from friends

Psychological and social scientists have studied and agree that when measuring fulfillment and satisfaction in life the number of friends you have correlates more and is more important than the number of dollars you have. Yet, it seems many of us spend more time collecting dollars than collecting friends.

We learned many lessons in starting our new law firm. The first, and perhaps most important, of the lessons is the importance of friendship. Our firm just celebrated our one-month anniversary! It was fun and rewarding to step back, take a deep breath, and see all that we have accomplished in such a short period of time. We also reflected on our many friendships that have made our ongoing success possible.

In starting our firm we received encouragement, assistance, and support from friends from coast to coast, north and south, and even from abroad. We received support, encouragement, and well wishes all of which help to keep us going during the hard work.

Of course much of the help and support came from friends who are lawyers, friends who are current and past clients, and others in the business community. It is amazing the number of athletes that came forward to help and support us. We had Ironman triathletes, cyclists, runners, and athletic club acquaintances there as resources to get us going, and to keep us going. Our churches, community, and network of friends have all come forward to help us.

Many of these friends helped us in tangible ways including help with our office space, furniture, phone system, computer network, signs, marketing, and all of the little things we needed to get our office off and running.

We treasure and value all of our local relationships. Many of our friends have stopped by to see us, and we have been pleased to give them a tour of our new office. A large number of present and former clients have already visited us. All have been very impressed by our facilities, and we have been inspired by their visits.

Friendships develop and grow over time. Some of the friendships have been nurtured for more than 25 years, not knowing that one day they would come through in such a tangible way.

Of course, friendship is reciprocal. The many years the members of our team have worked hard and done good deeds for others is impressive. Even when we don’t hear from them, or they from us, it is important to know that these friendships are not taken for granted.

Please accept our public thank you to all of our friends who have helped us have such a positive start at Daggett Shuler. We appreciate and value your friendship. We look forward to returning the favor – you can depend on us!

Your friend,



  1. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments with Daggett and Shuler! I stopped by your office last week and was very impressed with how quickly you have transformed the office into a company you all can be proud of. I was happy to play a small role in the beginning of your business by implementing the multi-functional copiers that best fit your needs. I also really respect the work you are doing in our community with the Safe and Sober program!

  2. Congrats David and Company! Best wishes for wonderfully successful business. I cannot imagine going through this tough life and even tougher world without good friends! That especially goes for my church buds.

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