Posted by: David D. Daggett | February 22, 2010

Creating Culture

 Creating Culture 
      How intentional are we in creating a desired culture? Further, how hard do we work at maintaining and implementing our culture on an ongoing basis? Ironman has created a culture that has developed and involved thousands of  participants worldwide. Further, it has fueled an entire industry.

Seeing the photographs of our attorney team in the business section of the newspaper yesterday morning made me proud and thankful for the culture we are creating and embracing. Accordingly, I thought it would be important to share a few elements of the culture we embody.

Character is the first element of culture at Daggett Shuler. Character not only includes the values, integrity, morality, and hard work of individuals, but also encompasses the interactive values of teamwork, reliability, and unquestioned support.

Our team is performance oriented. We expect to perform at a very high level individually and as a team. In our performance-oriented environment individuals are given the expectation along with the freedom and support to perform at their highest level.

Having a framework of encouragement and support is an important part of our culture. We are forward looking and optimistic. We help each other, take care of each other, and cheer for each other. We maintain that the best path is always the high road.

Minimizing politics is an important part of our Daggett Shuler culture. When individuals, departments, and the team as a whole do not have to worry about politics they are freer to perform. Minimizing office politics reduces gossip, rumors, and other forms of negative communication. Conversely, it encourages constructive debate, allows more freedom to perform and contribute, and brings all participants to a higher level of performance.

Creating the proper culture is a key ingredient in the success of an organization, a family and our lives. Positive high-performing culture does not just happen; it is designed, created, implemented, and tweaked constantly in order to maintain the highest level of performance.

Culturally speaking,


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