Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 25, 2010

A New Dawn

A New Dawn

     What’s your favorite time of day? Mine is dawn. I love the excitement, the freedom, and the freshness of each dawn. Each day starts with new optimism. I am ready to go at dawn.

One of my favorite dawn moments is the sight of the sun rising over Hualalai Volcano and glimmering on Kailua Bay for the start of the Hawaii Ironman World Triathlon Championship. I have been fortunate enough to experience this special dawn five times, so far.

I never overlook the significance of Mokuaikaua Church and its prominent steeple overlooking the start. I have had a number of special experiences in this church, including services the morning of and immediately after the 6.8 earthquake that hit race week in 2006.

Surely, at the dawn of an Ironman there is a daunting feeling. However, there is a confidence that comes with having done the training, the preparation, and the work. That preparation along with a natural competitiveness, the support of spectators and volunteers and the natural scenic beauty makes all possible. This support assures me that the day will indeed be special and successful.

I love the dawn of an Ironman. There are no excuses. I am ready! We are all ready!

Today is a first dawn of a different sort for my professional team and me. At 8:30 this morning our new law firm opens its doors. Daggett, Shuler, Koontz, Nauman & Bell, PLLC  will have the trade name Daggett Shuler, Attorneys At Law. We bring with us an experienced and committed professional support staff.

When starting this “swim” these are the folks I want with me. Chris, Julie, Doug, John, and Griff give us more than 75 years of combined experience, with approximately 60 of those years working together. This is a hardworking team of great competence and great integrity.

The dawn of Daggett Shuler is exciting!. We are filled with optimism. The support and encouragement we are receiving from our community and our friends is nothing short of awesome. We are prepared; we are experienced; we embrace hard work… we are a team! We are ready to help injured and disabled people. You can depend on us.

It is dawn. The sun is rising – let’s go!



  1. New to blogging and one of my strings of posts is my road to the Ironman. I may never be lucky enough to compete in Kona, but I agree from watching the videos the dawn of that setting is beautiful. I have been to Kona on vacation many times so that allows me to better vizualize what that experience must fee like. My IM journey will take me to WI in September, I can’t wait. I train for that day and most of my thoughts are geared to that day. If you like to read more about my journey go to my website because the goal to the Ironman has helped me define a new career.

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