Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 11, 2010

Cold Forged

Cold Forged

      The recent blast of cold weather across our area brought not only a larger than normal snowstorm but also several weeks of well below normal temperatures. Of course, for Iron People workouts must continue regardless of the conditions.

Cold Forged

While biking in the mid 20s with gusty and biting winds I started thinking that I was being “cold forged.”. The process of cold forging metal takes banging and hammering and heating and cooling to form the metal into shape. Cold forging is much harder work than either molding or machining but produces much stronger metal items. The strongest tools, the sharpest knives, and the highest precision parts are all forged.

Forging is a difficult process. It is not the easy way, but it is better, sharper, stronger, and operates with more precision.

Perhaps we too become stronger, sharper, and better when we are forged, hammered and banged.  Training is much easier in nice conditions,.but it is the cold forging in difficult conditions that separates us from the rest.

In life, like in training, there are tough times and tough conditions. Remember, it is in these times that our character, our strength and our future successes are forged. We can look at every day of training as one day of the journey. Sometimes the journey must be cold forged in order for us to become our best.

Cold forging makes us tough, and it makes us better. Have the courage to withstand the cold forging, and you can accomplish much.

Cold forged,


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