Posted by: David D. Daggett | December 21, 2009



       How good are we at waiting? Holiday time seems to be a time of waiting. For me, I’m as impatient as a little kid waiting for Christmas- all year long.


Sometimes life is like sitting in the water at the start of an Ironman waiting for the cannon to go off. The seconds seem like minutes, and the minutes like hours. There are nerves, fear, anxiety, and the lump in the back of the throat.

As athletes we are charged up and ready to go. We don’t want to wait around. The waiting can actually become painful. We want to get to the start line without waiting; but, remember, we want to get to the finish line even more. For every finish line in life there is waiting.

It is difficult, yet necessary, to wait. We wait for events, we wait for results, we wait for progress, and we wait for others. The holiday season is full of waiting.

Advent is a special period of waiting. Perhaps the Advent season reminds us that waiting is an overlooked virtue. Waiting is not always exciting, but it is important. It is important because during the waiting we also are preparing. We prepare physically and psychologically. We prepare individually and collectively. Waiting and preparing are necessary for achievement.

Waiting is a difficult task. Yet, we turn our waiting into positive anxiety and positive stress and find that waiting is necessary for all of our successes. Waiting is part of finishing.

Waiting does not mean being passive. Waiting can be active and results driven. Of course we know that anything of worth of value is worth waiting for. In the meantime, we need to insure that our time of waiting is also a time of positive progress.

We tend to take and share photographs of our important times. Yet how many photographs do we take while we are waiting? Let’s honor our waiting time just as we honor our achievements.

Working on waiting,


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