Posted by: David D. Daggett | November 30, 2009

Family First(s)

Family First(s)

      Thanksgiving is a time for family. As we give thanks for our many blessings we remember the importance of always keeping family first. We all probably need a little reminder from time to time.

This Thanksgiving also brought several “firsts” for our family. As a family we are committed to a health and fitness lifestyle. So, as a family we participated in the local Thanksgiving Day Turkey Strut running race. The Turkey Strut was a wonderful event put on by our local Fleet Feet running store, and the first race in which our entire family participated.

Our six-year-old little boy ran with great spirit. We were reminded that it is possible to smile the entire time you are running. He came flying across the finish line of the one-mile race with both index fingers pointing in the air and beaming from ear to ear. Then he stayed to cheer for all finishers.

Determination is probably the best word to describe our eight-year-old daughter. A week before the Turkey Strut she decided that she wanted to do the 5K race and not just the one mile run. Since she had not trained for running she wanted to go out and visit the course to see if she could do it. She completed it in practice, and her perseverance and determination were clearly evident on race day. She had a steely eyed forward-looking countenance that broke into a huge smile when she crossed the finish line.

A competitive fire was lit in our ten-year-old daughter that she did not know she had. Approximately halfway through the one-mile race she was the lead female. As a couple of older girls, including college students and adults, started catching her, she picked up the pace, held them off, and crossed the finish line first. Her award was a turkey! She could not stop grinning and asking “How did I do that!?”

Of course, my lovely bride, a newcomer to running, enjoyed the event also. Although the course was very difficult and hilly she was able to set a new PR (personal record) by over a minute. I rounded out the field by winning the second family turkey, which we promptly donated back to the Second Harvest Food Bank, the charity for the event.

This truly was a “family first” Thanksgiving for us. We had lots of “firsts” and always Family First in unity and in love.

Keeping family first,



  1. Congratulations Daggett Family!!
    All of you are beacons of light and hope for all of us who watch from the sidelines.
    Keep up the good work along with the good attitudes.


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