Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 26, 2009

Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect

      How do we make it all work? We all are busy. We all have responsibilities, obstacles, and frustrations, yet we somehow seem to make everything work. Perhaps it all starts with an environment of mutual respect.

We previously discussed similar principles in Training With family and summarized many of the practical concepts in Total Integration. When there is a true relationship of mutual respect, we all reach higher levels, and have greater feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction. The applies to athletics and all aspects of life.

Each of us has a special story to tell of these type relationships. When there is truly a relationship of mutual respect, it is understood and does not even have to be articulated. Certainly I have to look no further than my lovely bride Cindy to see a perfect example of a relationship with mutual respect. Of course, she is my leader and mentor in that relationship.

Character, morals, values, beliefs, and religious views may be connecting factors for mutual respect in our personal and business lives. Mutually respectful relationships can make all aspects of our life better. There is a natural generosity to these relationships which makes us want to encourage others, and see them successful and prosperous.

Relationships of mutual respect create win-win situations. Success is revealed, whether personally, with family, in business, or any other relationship, when both or all parties look for opportunities to succeed and prosper together. These result in collaborative relationships for the betterment of the whole where no person or party keeps individual score.

We have all been in situations where respect seems to be a one-way street. Many talented people sometimes do not understand the importance of mutual respect in resulting successes, while others sometimes try to use the relationship without plans to reciprocate. When that happens, skepticism and cynicism set in and make us jaded so that it becomes difficult to trust the relationship.

Mutually beneficial personal and business relationships are built on long-term respect for each party. As a lawyer, I see many situations where everyone is looking out for the short-term. However, decisions and actions based on mutual respect almost always have a positive and beneficial impact on the future, and the future of the relationship.

Relationships built on mutual respect give us more energy, and catapults our strengths and assets to higher levels which in turn maximize the results for all parties involved. A synergy occurs in mutually respectful personal and business relationships. This synergy is a solid foundation upon which to build any relationship or organization. Further, this framework of mutual respect will allow a family, business, or organization to stand the test of time, and whether the ups and downs of unexpected changes, issues, or challenges.

When we develop relationships that are mutually beneficial and based on trust, we can then sustain them through tough times, and enhance them during good times. Being collegial and collaborative can have an immediate positive impact on all aspects of our personal and business lives. Just like any investment, the more you contribute, the greater and more rewarding your return is likely to be.



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