Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 19, 2009

Giant Steps

Giant Steps

      What giant steps do you take? Giant steps really come in all shapes and sizes. Giant steps are when we reach out to achieve a goal that is beyond what we have previously accomplished. Cindy took a giant step this past weekend.

A giant step!

Cindy has been in very good physical condition for many, many years. First as a dancer and later as an aerobics and yoga teacher, fitness has always been important to her.  Since having our three children she has continued to stay in good shape through power walking, aerobics, yoga, hiking, and a variety of other fitness and family activities. However, until 12 weeks ago she had never run in her life, at all.

Twelve weeks ago Cindy decided she would participate in the No Boundaries program through the local Fleet Feet store. She immediately enjoyed the camaraderie of a group of other people who had set a goal to accomplish something they had never done before.

Cindy and the entire No Boundaries group committed, sacrificed, and then on race day performed. It was so exciting to see their excitement and watch and enjoy their accomplishment. Giant steps are different for each of us. Giant steps occur anytime we go beyond what we have done before.

We all have giant steps to take. They can be taken professionally, socially, physically, and spiritually (aka The Four Anchors). One of the great secrets in life is to surround ourselves with others who are willing to take, as well as support, giant steps. These giant steps encourage and motivate us to be perpetually better and perpetually go beyond what we have previously accomplished.

Cindy has long been the giant step example for our family. We all had a great time watching her train for and accomplish this step. Great job sweetie!

Taking and encouraging giant steps,




  1. Cindy – It was an honor to share the past 12 weeks with you and cheer you on along the way! David – Thanks for writing this… your support for Cindy and all the participants was meaningful and valued on Saturday! Blessings to your whole family, and thank you for all that you do for our community!

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