Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 5, 2009

Team Appreciation

Team Appreciation

       Teamwork is part of success in sports, and in all aspects of life. Through teamwork we learn many of the values that we carry through all of our pursuits in life. Teamwork is essential in maximizing the various aspects of our Four Anchors.

I am proud of our team at Daggett Shuler. This past week we held our annual Employee Appreciation Week, which includes some extra fun, a few surprises, and ended with a Saturday cookout for everyone and their families – well over 100 people!

        One of the traditions that has developed over the last several years is the annual volleyball tournament. The winning team is pictured above. The event is fun for those who play, and the spectators as well.  It is fun enjoying the friendly competition, the fellowship, and enjoying each others’ families.

        We have a great collection of people on our  Team. They are hardworking and have a commitment to excellence. They bring individual and unique talents together moving toward the common and collective good to best serve our clients

When speaking of teamwork we refer to a number of different areas including collective work effort, collective intelligence, collective integrity, and collective results. We believe that one of the areas in which we excel is the combining of  our talents to be better in these areas than any of us could be alone.

We are proud of how our team comes together to help our clients. Whether they are injured in an auto accident, hurt at work, or suffer from a disability, our team comes together with our best pieces in an effort to best serve our clients. We believe that the collective contributions from the members of our Team makes us all better, makes us better at what we do, and makes us better able to serve.

Teamwork encompasses all of the things we do together as a team to make the office work and flow efficiently. This includes case work, client services, and general office workings and responsibilities. It is simply amazing all of the little things that get done around the office by, what I believe, is the best administrative support staff around.

Lastly, we have a passion for our work and have fun doing it. We work hard and admittedly have some tough days, but we are always on the same team, working together, and trying to do our best.  We trust this commitment to each other becomes evident in our work and serving our clients.

We need to have and appreciate our team in all aspects of life.

Appreciating my team,



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